Michèle is a leading expert on balancing masculine and feminine qualities in leadership.

Her concept of balanced leadership as key to creating inclusive corporate cultures and sustainable gender balance is recognized globally. She supports CEO’s and managers across the globe in creating a balanced organizational culture by valuing, developing and using feminine and masculine qualities as an individual, as a leader, as a team, as a company.

"My passion comes from a firm belief that balanced corporate cultures result in more engaged employees, stronger customer relations, higher performing and more innovative teams and finally a more sustainable, respectful way of doing business that changes the outlook of the world."

Balanced organisations and balanced leaders are urgently needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow, to build sustainable, networked organisations and deal effectively with society’s growing diversity. Creating an inclusive work environment that invites true diversity of thought demands not only an economic, but also a personal transformation. There is a real need for balanced leaders who can call upon their masculine and feminine qualities. Michèle works with leaders around the globe to build inclusive team environments and balanced corporate cultures (www.cfbl.eu).

Michèle Mees is the author of "The Balanced Leader. Exploring the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy". She is a recognized inspiring speaker around the world about topics such as

  • Balanced Leadership

  • How to Build an Inclusive Corporate Culture

  • Discovering your Masculine and Feminine Inner Poles

  • Gender Balance and Gender Intelligent Leadership

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